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The iScheduler system was developed to meet the scheduling needs of medical and interpreting service providers through an internet-based package. Used by over 60 medical clinics in Minnesota, the iScheduler provides flow control for your scheduling processes while allowing both you and your customers at multiple locations to enter and access information in real-time. The iScheduler is proven to significantly reduce the call volume for call centers and allows your organization to focus on your customers. The iScheduler system is easy to use, and provides customers the highest level of quality and time-saving technology.


The iBiller system is a module to integrate your scheduling and billing system. The iBiller was designed to handle standardized CMS 1500 standards and your customers’ proprietary billing requirements through an internet-based package. iBiller removes the disconnect from the scheduling and billing departments. The integration allows more accurate information to your scheduler and reduction in duplication of work for your billing department. The iBiller ensures you better forecasting of your revenue and reduction in payment delivery. The iBiller system is easy to use, and provides customers the highest level of quality and time-saving technology.

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All figCore products’ security:
  • Exceeds HIPAA regulations, which require only 112-bit asymmetric encryption. We provide AES 256-bit asymmetric encryption.
  • Allows our system to be faster than other non-encrypted systems. figCore applies higher encryption levels providing our customers with high speeds while others usually slow systems down.
  • Is ahead of the curve, saving you money in the long term. Our systems will always stay ahead of HIPAA regulations, so you can focus on your customers, not constantly updating your system.
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Our systems are FASB Operating Lease compliant. There are:
  • No deployment costs. All you need is a computer with Internet access.
  • No up front costs for purchase.
  • No fees for password changes.
  • No licensing or seat charges.

At figCore, we understand that companies must increase revenue and limit costs. We design systems that can help you be more productive without adding features that you don’t need.

Our consulting service is simple: you have a problem, and we listen to you to develop a solution. We look at the whole picture and refine your ideas for you.

Before we start our work, you will receive a time and cost estimate for your figCore system. From there, we will conduct business and systems analyses, and create a prototype. Once you approve the prototype, we will continually request your feedback to build the system that you want.

  Let us show you how we can help. Please contact us at sales at figcore email address for more information.